Who we are

Founded in Istanbul in 2011, as a group of think tank leaders from Muslim countries who are dedicated to advance universal human values such as liberty, peace, tolerance, respect, integrity, and equality under the law among the world’s Muslim communities. The Islam and Liberty Network is registered as a non-profit foundation under the name “Istanbul Network for Liberty (L) Foundation” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprising a diverse group of think tank leaders active in various countries.

Islam and Liberty Network believes in a vision of

Free and responsible societies in mainly Muslim countries,

with a mission

Exploring and Promoting a Muslim Case for Freedom


What are our objectives

  • Publish high quality scholarly papers and articles on Islam and liberty
  • Develop a vibrant network of public intellectuals, scholars and researchers
  • Create a network of institutions to support our research and events
  • Educate and train young researchers, writers, teachers and journalists working on Islam


Who our audience is

We invest in people. Primary target audience includes, but not limited to: academics, researchers, think tank leaders, journalists, jurists, legislators, and media commentators engaged in discussion on the public interface of Islam. 


How you can support us

We ask you to consider becoming an annual donor or a one-time donor. We seek regular institutional funding from donors to be spent on our programs and outreach activities, as well as to develop organizational capacity.

Please e-mail Ali Salman (CEO) at ali@islamandlibertynetwork.org or call him at 00 60 113355 0801 for details on how to support us.


How you can contact us

You can e-mail support@islamandlibertynetwork.org for further information about our network.


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