Mohammad M. Chian

Fellow Mohammad M. Chian (Iran) is a writer and journalist. He writes and edits for a number of publications. In 2013, he co-founded Bourgeois, an online platform, initially intended to gather his writings and translations in one place but eventually flourished to become the go to source for libertarian thinking. He is the translator of The System of Liberty, The Libertarian Reader, Early Islam and the birth of Capitalism, Capitalism and Freedom, Natural law and Natural rights, Common Sense Economics, and others. Starting at early-teens, he began helping the family business and later continued to work in the Bazar which arguably constituted the foundation of his education and eventually led to a life-long passion for markets, and mechanisms and ethics of voluntary co-operation. He is also the co-founder and serving as co-governor of a charity fund leading in interest-free Islamic micro loans.

Waqas Ahmed

Fellow Waqas Ahmed (UK) majored in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham; and has since had a career in IT – working for Retail, Private and Investment Banks from a consultancy and industry capacity. He is a strong believer in libertarian ideals for two simple reasons – that it maximises prosperity and liberty for the widest range of people. He is of the view that technology has an important part to play – in not only furthering libertarian thinking, but also in the implementation of a libertarian society.