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Our mission is to advance the understanding of religious, political, and economic freedom for peace and prosperity in Muslim majority countries and beyond.

We were founded in 2011 to bring together researchers, academics, and public intellectuals to demonstrate the consistency of the universal values of religious, political and economic freedom with Islam. Our research outputs show that Islam is not just consistent with freedom; indeed Islam requires freedom.

Our annual programme includes an international conference, training workshops, and publishing articles, papers, podcasts and webinars which reach thousands of interested individuals.

Islam and Liberty Network was awarded Asia Liberty Award for 2020 for “establishing a Muslim case for free society” for its work in Asia and Middle East.

Legally the Islam & Liberty Network is registered as a Labuan foundation in Malaysia. It is governed by our international Council.

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9th International Islam & Liberty Conference

Pluralism, Democracy and Economic Development in Muslim Majority Countries

International Islam & Liberty Conference is the annual flagship event of Islam & Liberty Network (ILN) that is a two-day forum featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, academic lectures, and presentations. ILN is organizing 9th International Conference on 27-28 October 2022 in the historic South-eastern city of Mardin, Turkey hosted by Mardin Artuklu University. The main theme of this conference is “The Future of Democracy, Peace and Development in Muslim-majority nations” within the context of Muslim majority societies. The Conference will deliberate on the theoretical, historical, and contemporary challenges faced by these societies with a view to advance the ideas and institutions of a free society consistent with the contours of Islamic faith. The papers will be subsequently published and widely disseminated.

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9th Conference (Mardin, Turkey)

Location Photos 9th Conference Speakers 9th Conference Program 9th International Islam & Liberty Conference Pluralism, Democracy and Economic Development in Muslim Majority Countries Summary International

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2021: Our 10th Anniversary

Join us in our journey to explore and promote a Muslim case for freedom through various ways including articles, books, conferences, webinars and podcasts!

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