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The Islam & Liberty Network exists to advance the understanding of religious, political, and economic freedom for peace and prosperity in Muslim majority countries.

We were founded in 2011 to bring together researchers, academics, and public intellectuals to demonstrate the consistency of the universal values of religious, political and economic freedom with Islam. Our research outputs show that Islam is not just consistent with freedom; indeed Islam requires freedom.

Our annual programme includes an international conference, training workshops, and publishing articles, papers, podcasts and webinars which reach thousands of interested individuals.

Legally the Islam & Liberty Network is registered as a Labuan foundation in Malaysia. It is governed by our international Council.

8th International Islam & Liberty Conference (online) is being held on 5th-6th November 2021. It is our flagship annual event advancing the understanding of economic, political, and religious freedom for peace and prosperity in Muslim majority countries. We are presenting an exclusive presentation by Anggia Erma Rini, Member House of Representatives, Indonesia on role of women in politics. Other topics include an empirical analysis on the influence of an ideology on political and economic freedom in Muslim countries, the need of new interpretation of Islamic texts to move from religious violence to social solidarity, Islamophobia, Arab Spring, and reforms of supranational Islamic Organizations. We are also discussing the current situation of Muslims in India, and secularism and freedom of religion in Turkey. Join us in these important debates of our times. We are grateful to our partners including Network for a Free Society, Fatyat NU, Center for Study of Secularism and Society, and Islamic Renaissance Front. For agenda of the conference, please visit our website:


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2021: Our 10th Anniversary

Meet our Islam & Liberty Network international family! Join us in our journey to explore and promote a Muslim case for freedom through various ways including articles, books, conferences, webinars and podcasts!

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