9th Conference (Mardin, Turkey)

After 3 years of virtual activities and online conferences, the ILN 9th International Conference was held on October 27th and 28th 2022 in Mardin, Türkiye, in partnership with Mardin Artuklu University. For further details, please click any of the links below.

9th International Islam & Liberty Conference

Pluralism, Democracy and Economic Development in Muslim Majority Countries


International Islam & Liberty Conference is the annual flagship event of Islam & Liberty Network (ILN) that is a two-day forum featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, academic lectures, and presentations. ILN is organizing 9th International Conference on 27-28 October 2022 in the historic South-eastern city of Mardin, Turkey hosted by Mardin Artuklu University. The main theme of this conference is “The Future of Democracy, Peace and Development in Muslim-majority nations” within the context of Muslim majority societies. The Conference will deliberate on the theoretical, historical, and contemporary challenges faced by these societies with a view to advance the ideas and institutions of a free society consistent with the contours of Islamic faith. The papers will be subsequently published and widely disseminated.


The Islam & Liberty Network strives for the revival and advancement of the values and principles of a free society that are firmly rooted in Islamic historical traditions. The Network invites public intellectuals who share our ambition to join us in exploring ideas that can help advance the ideals of liberty in today’s Muslim societies. ILN takes different schools and methodological approaches that have emerged within Islam as reference points. We welcome comparative studies of these approaches and an examination of the products of the various historical and geographical experiences. We also welcome investigations of the philosophical traditions and institutions that were common within the Muslim heritage.

Please note that attendance is free of cost and participants will have to sponsor their travel and stay. For those who wish to attend the conference online, ask questions and take part in the discussions, we will provide the link for the live streaming in the ILN website, Facebook and Twitter pages close to the conference date. Thank you for your interest in our conference!