In the light of principles of Jurisprudence and Legal Maxims (al-Qwaed al-Fiqhiyyah)

An Online Course

Course Instructor: Dr. Mohsin Naqvi


The society is ever changing, therefore a static religion or static ideology cannot ‘meet’ the challenges of social dynamics that change as the time, place, and circumstances change. Understanding the paradigm of “time, place, and circumstances” is necessary for taking guidance from Qur’an and Sunnah. The “social study” and “social interpretation” of religion shows a different and a better problem-solving set of instructions acceptable to its followers living all over the world. The interpretation of Islam according to the changes in dynamics of society is related to the concept of Islam and liberty.

Addressing the question of liberty in Islam, this online Course will consist of twelve lectures, two hours each, on the concept of liberty in Religion, and particularly in Islam, for which understanding relation between “religion and society” is mandatory. There are some important concepts in Islamic Law, which need proper understanding in modern days, like, Urf, Maslehah, Masaleh al-Mursalah, al-Estehsan, Maqasid, and some Legal Maxims (الإستحسان العرف، المصلحۃ، المصالح المرسلۃ، مقاصد الشریعۃ، القواعد الفقہیۃ)

The beauty of these lectures would be the discussions on stances of the major Fiqhi Schools on various issues. Besides this, my focus would be on “liberation of text” from classical understanding and making it comprehensible for solving the problems of society.   

In each lecture, there will be an interactive session.

Participants will be issued a certificate upon successful attendance of all lectures. After the course, a selective number of participants will be invited to write papers which will be supervised by the course instructor.

The language of the course will be English.

Last date of registration: 10th March 2021

Starts on: 16th March 2021

Ends on: 10th April 2021

Course Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm Pakistan Standard Time (from 2PM to 4PM GMT).

Platform: Zoom (link will be shared with registered participants)

Dr. Mohsin Naqvi

Dr. Mohsin Naqvi is an independent academic and scholar of Islamic Studies based in Pakistan and also ILN Pakistan Fellow. He holds a doctorate in Biblical Studies from NC State University, Chapel Hill (2003) where his main research was on Synoptic Gospel. Prior to this, he completed formal religious education from local seminaries and got higher education from Iraq from 1991-1997. Dr. Naqvi holds command in many languages including Arabic, Persian, English, and Urdu. He has published 12 books including Fahm-i Islam kay jadid Khutut, The Qur’an: A Comparative Study (2 Vols), Imam Mehdi and the Sayings of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h), and The Amazing Qur’an. He is often invited as a speaker on socio-religious issues on media and conferences. For three years (2007-2010) he has served on board of Council of Islamic Ideology, Government of Pakistan.