Muslim majority countries have limited economic, political, and religious freedoms compared with either developed or other developing countries. Many, both Muslims and non-Muslims, question whether Islam is even compatible with a free society. We believe that serious intellectual efforts are needed to demonstrate how the two are compatible. Poor quality thinking can only be changed by better thinking. We promote change with our annual programme which includes an international conference, a regional residential workshop, opinion articles, and weekly podcasts.

Who we are

Islam and Liberty Network (L) Foundation is legally organised as a non-profit Labuan foundation registered in Malaysia and is governed by an international board of directors, all of whom except for the part-time CEO give their time freely. Founded in 2011, it is a platform for researchers, academics and public intellectuals to explore and promote a Muslim case for religious, economic and political freedom by disseminating knowledge and developing human resources. We are funded by like minded foundations and individuals.

Our Themes

All of our work focuses on three distinct but related themes and is rooted in the Islamic sources. They are: Religious Freedom (freedom of religion and faith, expression and practice); Economic Freedom (open markets, voluntary exchange, and low taxes); and Political Freedom (liberal democracy, rule of law and limited government).

Our objectives

  • Publish and widely disseminate high-quality content, scholarly papers and articles. 
  • Develop a vibrant network of public intellectuals, scholars and researchers.
  • Create a network of institutions around the world to support our research and events.
  • Educate and train young researchers, writers, teachers and journalists.

What have we done?


International Conferences in Morocco, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Turkey which created an intellectual basis to further deepen a critical dialogue on the institutions of a free society in a Muslim context. About 1000 intellectuals, academics, scholars, and students from 25 countries have participated.


A book “Islamic Foundations of a Free Society” published. First published in English, It is now available in Arabic, Turkish, Dari, Indonesian, French and Farsi.


First Islam and Liberty Summer University was organized in Iran.


A book “Democratic Transitions in the Muslim World” published.

Our Current Program

Annual International Conference

Our main event is an international Conference bringing together scholars from around the world to discuss Islam and liberty over two full days, where 15-18 high-quality papers are presented and debated with a diverse audience.

Opinion Articles

Featuring a wide array of topics for scholarly debate and public education.

Islam and Liberty Summer Workshop

A three-day regional residential workshop, featuring our core faculty and guest speakers giving lectures, workshops, and seminars for young researchers.

Islam and Liberty Podcast

A new episode every week, each one promises lively discussion on topical issues surrounding Islam, society, and economy presented by leading experts

Support us

We ask you to consider becoming an annual donor or a one-time donor. We seek regular institutional funding from donors to be spent on our programs and outreach activities, as well as to develop organizational capacity.

Please e-mail Ali Salman (CEO) at or call him at 00 60 113355 0801 for details on how to support us.


You can e-mail for further information about our network.

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