By Bilal Sambur

Islam is the religion, which addresses to all humanity. Islam is not a religion of a particular class, nation, tribe or race. The fundamental aspect of Islam is its universality. Islam has started, developed and lived as a universal   religion of humankind.Universality is the original dimension of Islam. Limiting Islam with any race, color, gender, class or culture means the degeneration of Islam. Understanding Islam as the universal religion requires to understand human individual universally as well. Human  individual has been understood  as the free and dignitary being from Islamic perspective. Freedom and dignity are the essential values, which  exclusively belong to  human individual.

Bilal Sambur, is Director of the Center for Studies on Religion and Freedom at the Assocation for Liberal Thinking in Ankara Turkey.  He is also Associate Professor at the Süleyman Demirel University,  Isparta

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