By Khalil Ahmad

The initial and original inspiration the entity of religion resorts to take advantage of, and exudes is moral.

The spirit religions imbibe is ultimately moralistic.

That gives them an aura of appeal irresistible to their audience.

However, with time, spread, reach, following, politicking, and the unexpected encounters on the road, they start losing that moral exuberance.

So much so that a day comes where there remains no trace of that moral purity.

The skeleton survives the soul! The house is empty now!

In the words of a French critic: religion is like pointing out into a direction while standing on a mound. But what happens people settle at that mound – forgetting, and in a sense deviating from the direction.

Khalil Ahmad
holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He has been teaching philosophy, and philosophy of education to graduate and post-graduate classes. He is one of the founders of the Alternate Solutions Institute, first free market think tank of Pakistan. He writes extensively on the current issues, and most of his articles are available on and

He runs a Blog also:

H has published 5 books: Charter of Liberty, Greatest Battle for the Rule of Law in Pakistan, Pakistan Mein Riyasti Ashrafiya Ka Urooj (The Rise of State of Aristocracy in Pakistan), Siyasi Partian Ya Siyasi Bandobast: Pakistani Siyasat Ke Pech-o-Kham Ka Falsafiyan Muhakma (Political Parties or Political Arrangements: A Philosophical Critique of Politics in Pakistan), and Pakistan’s Democratic Impasse – Analysis and the Way Forward.

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