By Assoc. Prof. Hasan Yücel Başdemir – Yildirim Beyazit

What is the Trouble in the Muslim World?  When we try to depict the Muslim World in terms of political way we’ll see a situation like   that: There isn’t any good governance, political stability can’t be provided and violence is   dominant. The process which had begun with Jasmine Revolution and continued with Arab   Spring was a hope to Muslim World. This hope has been destroyed in Syria, Iraq and Egypt;   however there’s an uncertainty in Libya and Algeria but Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco keep   giving hope. Turkic republics in Middle Asia are governed by full or half dictatorship. Iran   and Saudi Arabia provoke the violence constantly with communion fanaticism. There are few   countries which have peace. In a nutshell, the political future of the Muslim World is totally   uncertain.

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