By Murat Aktas

The popular uprisings starting from Tunisia in December 2010 and growing like a snowball and  spreading quickly to other Arab countries have produced the most dramatic changes in the region since the   end of the colonial era in the middle of the 20th century. These revolts against the oppressive regimes in   the Middle East have also brought the hope of social and political changes to region in the way of   democracy and human rights. These unpredictable and spontaneous upheavals in the Arab World have   begun with people taking to the streets to express their anger and disappointment with the status quo.   Young men and women protested against injustice, abuses of power based on the oligarchy, lack of   democracy and rule of law, human rights, corruption, unemployment, the pillaging of public wealth and the   outlawing of civil society institutions. Protestors were fighting for more freedom, democracy, justice and   jobs to live with dignity in their own countries.

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