By Can Ceylan

In this paper the main point is to redefine ‘civil religion’ as it is understood from Islamic point of view. This is because civil religion in the structure of Islam makes different sense than it does in Christianity. Within the framework of this paper, civil religion is enforced not by the State but by its believers in personal and nongovernmental sense. Nongovernmental understanding of civil religion is what makes it empowered as liberally as possible. What I would like to put forward as to define “civil religion” is that it should be promoted to bring balance in the structural form of religion of Islam under the influence of the State and to provide its believers with understanding that is built upon nongovernmental formation which has no correlation with the State neither in negative nor positive sense.

Can Ceylan is an Assist.Prof., Istanbul Medipol University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Political Science and International Relations.

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