Our first Islam and Liberty webinar introduces Mustafa Akyol as our guest speaker whereby his session will be on “Reforms in Islamic World: ala Luther or ala Locke” with Ali Salman as the moderator.

Mustafa Akyol is a Turkish journalist and author whom studied political science and history at the Boğaziçi Universiy. For more than a decade, he has been writing regular opinion columns for Turkish publications like Hurriyet Daily News, and recently for the Middle-East focused Al-Monitor.com. Since fall 2013, he is also a regular contributing opinion write for The International New York Times. Akyol’s articles on Islamic issues, in which he mostly argues against Islamic extremism and terrorism form a Muslim point of view and defends the Islamic faith, have appeared in publications such as Foreign Affairs, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Huffington Post and more. He is also an author with acclaimed books such as “Islam without Extremes” (2011) and “The Islamic Jesus” (2017). Since January 2017, he is a senior visiting fellow at the Freedom Project at Wellesley College, New York where he is currently based.

The moderator begins the talk by introducing the guest speaker and the topic, and then the guest expert speaks for about 20 minutes. In his remarks, the expert provides a succinct background of the issue and topic, presents his position, and then explains the implications of that position for the bigger debate. After this talk, an interactive session takes place which continues for 45 to 60 minutes. The moderator then closes the webinar with some comments. Total duration of webinar will be approximately two hours.

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