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Istanbul Network for Liberty presents its 2018 Series of Webinars which is a lively discussion on topical issues around Islam, Society and Economy led by leading experts. The general orientation is towards intellectual dimensions of relationship between Islam and liberty with focus on religious, civil, political and economic liberties as understood in the Islamic discourse. These webinars are organized on the last Saturday of every month.

The moderator begins the talk by introducing the guest speaker and the topic, and then the guest experts speaks for about 20 minutes. In his/her remarks, the expert provides a succinct background of the issue and topic, presents his/her position, and then explains the implications of that position for the bigger debate. After this talk, an interactive session takes place which continues for 45 to 60 minutes. The moderator then closes the webinar with some comments. The duration for each webinar will be approximately two hours.

The tentative schedule for the 2018 Webinars is as below:

Month Speaker Topic
27th January Mustafa Akyol Reforms in Islamic World: ala Luther or ala Locke
24th February Dr. Nader Hashemi Is Liberty an Islamic Value?
31st March Zainah Anwar Seeking Equality for Women in Islam
28th April Dr. Mustafa Acar Reason versus tradition: Ahl al-Ra’y & Ahl al-Hadith
26th May Ali Salman Libertarian Characters of Islamic Market Economy
30th June M. Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor Is Sharia compatible with a free society?
28th July Dr. Hicham El Moussaoui Why we deviated from pro-market tradition of Islam?
25th August Dr. Maszlee Malik Welfare beyond State: Ihsani societal based welfare
29th September Ozlem Caglar Yilmaz Principles of Liberty and Islamic Political Movements
27th October Dr. Nouh Elharmouzi Economic Freedom & Political Freedom: the relationship
24th November TBC TBC
29th December Dr. Bican Sahin Freedom, Religion and Islam


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