The ILN Post: Offsetting the Scarcity Mindset?

Author: Elma Berisha, Independent social and industry researcher based in Kuala Lumpur It would not be far-fetched to propound that much of the proven wisdom circulating in realm of motivational psychology and self-help craftsmanship at individual or business level, may potentially extend to and find fruition on a social scale. At times, perhaps even more…

The ILN Post: COVID-19: Does Regime Type Matter?

Author: Ali Salman, CEO Islam & Liberty Network The response of public health authorities to the multi-fold crises imposed by COVID-19 has two dimensions. One dimension is the physical handling of suspect and confirmed cases, which includes testing capability, hospital care and implementation of social distancing measures. The second dimension is that of information and…

Zainah Anwar – Seeking Equality for Women in Islam

Seeking Equality for Women in Islam KUALA LUMPUR: “I think one of the most profound challenges we as Muslim face today is the search for ways to live our faith in a world where human rights, women’s rights and democracy constitutes the dominant ethical paradigm of the modern world. In the 21st century, there cannot…

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