The ILN Post: Going Beyond Religious Tolerance to Tackle the Roots of Religious Discrimination

Author: Ismail Kurun is PhD candidate in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Ankara University. He is the author of The Theological Origins of Liberalism (Lexington, 2016) and many articles. His research investigates the philosophical foundations of free and virtuous society. Islam today is commonly associated more with beliefs (‘aqa’id) than with morals (akhlaq). Contemporary Muslims…

The ILN Post: Nahdlatul Ulama , Indonesia: A Muslim Model of Religious Tolerance and Moderation

Author: Fida Ur Rahman, lecturer at the University College of Zhob, BUITEMS, Baluchistan, Pakistan. Download Being one of the most populous countries of the Muslim world, Indonesia is home to religious and cultural diversity. Although Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country consisting of 87.17% Muslims, it is constitutionally not an Islamic state. Apart from the six…

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