A one-day seminar on Islam and Liberty was held for the students of IM Sciences, Peshawar. It was arranged by ILN alumnus from Pakistan, Fida-Ur-Rahman. The seminar was addressed by Prof. Dr. Tang Shuxian, Institute of Ethnic and Religious Studies, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, China.

The session began with a brief introduction by Fida-Ur-Rahman about the concept, aims and objectives, goals and achievements of ILN.

Dr. Tang Shuxian delivered an insightful lecture on the “Status of religious freedom and role of religion in contemporary China”. Aslam Mir shared his thoughtful views about the “Concept of religious freedom in Islam”. Finally, Hassan Farooq delivered a lecture on “Woman Rights: Islamic Teachings and Pashtun Culture”.

The audience included senior faculty members of Social Sciences, Management, Computer Sciences and Religious Studies as well as a large number of students.

2 thoughts on “One-Day Seminar in Peshawar

  1. Shahab

    It was a very fruitful seminar ❤

  2. Aslam Mir

    Such seminars help in blazing new trails in illumination and education of students and communities!

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