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Islam & Liberty Seminar

Dar al-Islam, Dar al-kufr, or Dar murakkab: Evolution of fiqh from a binary worldview to lands of citizenship  

21st March, Imam Sheikh Dr Usama Hasan visited Malaysia and delivered a seminar at Islam and Liberty Network in Kuala Lumpur.

Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh, is often used to argue a binary world-view – Dar al-Islam or Dar al-kufr, divided between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Within dar al kufr, lands were distinguished between lands of war (dar al-harb), and lands of peace-treaty (dar al-sulh).

He argues however that this binary worldview is medival and no longer a fit for a modern world.

Citing the historical development of fiqh, Imam Usama Hasan shows a third a way existed, Dar murakkab (composite land), that was presented by the 14th-century Salafi scholar, Ibn Taymiyya.

He discusses the modern notion of “lands of citizenship” within Islamic legal framework thus replacing the medieval binary framework.

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