Md. Ataur Rahman Miazi [Attitude of Muslim Ummah towards Non-Muslims: Theory and Practice ]

Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman Miazi is the Professor and Chairman of the department of Islamic History and Culture of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed his Masters and PhD from the same university. He has published a good number of research articles in different refereed journals, presented papers in several conferences, workshops in different countries. He authored the book titled “The Diplomacy of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with Reference to the Treaty of Hudaibiyah, Subh-i-Sadiq.” He is highly involved in social activities and media programs.

His paper aimed at exploring the view of Islam directing the attitude of Muslim Ummah towards non-Muslims which ultimately aimed at the establishment of peaceful coexistence of diversified social, ethnic and religious groups in the society. In this support, the paper presents some practical examples from the history of Muslim societies particularly during the early time of Islam.

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