Md. Moniruzzaman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). His research interests cover comparative politics and political economy of the Muslim world. He has published more than 25 articles in reputed journals such as Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, South Asian Survey, Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development and South Asian Development. Moniruzzaman has contributed chapters in books published by reputed international publishers such as Springer and SENGAGE Learning. He has authored and translated thr ee books- The Islamic Theory of Jihad and the International System (2000); Nationalism and Internationalism in Liberalism, Marxism and Islam (translated) (2008), and Politics and Government in the Central Asian Muslim Republics (in progress). He sits on the editorial boards of International Journal of Islamic Thoughts, Journal of Administrative Science and Issues in Social Science. He has presented research papers in various international conferences in Malaysia, Thailand, USA, and UK. Apart from academic writings, Moniruzzaman also has published 11 literary works (novels, poetry, travelogue etc.). Earlier he headed the Department of Political Science, IIUM (2012-2013). He received the Japanese government scholarship (Monbusho) and International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) Scholarship for higher education.

His research will apply documentary analysis method to shed light on the discourse of Islamic laws with regard to non-Muslim minorities and the Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries; and secondly, it will use case studies on the discourse and initiatives of possible introduction of the shari’ah laws in some ‘western’ countries.

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