Dr. Ali Hassannia is Assistant Professor, Department of Qur’an and Hadith Studies, Shahed University of Iran. He has a PhD in Theology and Islamic Studies and has published multiple papers in Persian, Arabic and English.

The paper he presented at the 7th International Islam and Liberty Conference was based on the analytical descriptive method using Quranic notions, traditional and Islamic teachings and views of thinkers. It aimed at discussing the limits of tolerance in Islam, particularly concerning freedom, and how some misconceptions could cause the tragic phenomenon of “holy ignorance”. It also criticized both Muslim and Western opinions in this regard. Finally, it showed the connection between intolerance, holy ignorance, radicalism, and lack of a sound understanding of religion.

Read His Paper Here.

Download His Presentation Here.

*This draft paper are not to be cited without author’s permission.

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  1. salaam,
    i have read this paper a couple of times and probably due to my own limitations, i do not understand this argument about tolerance.
    is he saying that once a person identifies as a believer\/Muslim, then there is no tolerance of differences?
    alia hogben

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