Episode 022 – Fida Ur Rahman; Apostasy, Religious Freedom, and Individual Liberty: Textual and Contextual Analysis of Classical Islamist and Post-Islamist Narratives

Fida Ur Rahman is serving as a Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences at University College of Zhob, BUITEMS, Balochistan, Pakistan. He holds M.Phil. in Islamic Studies. He holds an M.Phil. in Islamic Studies. He is also alumnus of Islam and Liberty Network, Malaysia and Acton University, USA. His area of specialization includes Islam, State and Politics, Anthropology and Sociology of Islam and Modern Trends in Islam

At the 7th International Islam and Liberty Conference, “Islamic Case for Religious Freedom”, he presented his paper, which is an attempt to critically analyze the text and context of the Classical, Islamist and Post-Islamist approaches regarding apostasy and religious freedom by revisiting and reexamining all the narratives in the light of the primary sources of Islam, universal moral values and charters of UNO regarding human rights.

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