Kuala Lumpur: Each year, the US-based Atlas Network, a global network of more than 475 think tanks, celebrates their success in different regions whose work encourages prosperity and human flourishing. This year, Islam and Liberty Network has been awarded Asia Liberty Award for 2020 for “establishing a Muslim case for free society” for its work in Asia and Middle East.

This recognition is based on the work of last three years, but a longer journey, during which ILN has organized three international conferences, published 51 papers and two books. It also disseminated 20 podcasts, 11 webinars and 31 articles. Hundreds of scholars have presented papers, commentaries and participated in its international conferences and productions. ILN has organized conferences and workshops in Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Tunisia during last three years and has developed academic partnerships.

Speaking on this occasion after the announcement of the award, the CEO of Islam & Liberty Network and its co-founder, Ali Salman said that “Winning this award gives our project the recognition, support, and visibility that will help us in expanding our network.” He added that “Islam and liberty are often perceived as opposites. We have built an intellectual basis for a Muslim case for religious, political, and economic freedom.” 

In his additional remarks, Ali Salman said that having a well-defined program that evolved over time, a conceptual clarity with a clear focus on basic messages and a collaborative approach that allowed us to reach out to credible partners have been important factors. “I would like to thank everyone who contributed in this success”, said Ali Salman.

The work that ILN is doing is a unique example of a think tank combining religious, political and economic liberties into one framework, in an age where an exclusive focus on economy is not sufficient for peace and progress. According to statistics, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.  No other religion influences global politics and security like Islam and the way it is understood.

The Asia Liberty Award is generously sponsored by Templeton Religion Trust.

For details, please contact tasnim@islamandlibertynetwork.org.  


  1. Islam and liberty is a unique title because a concept is taken for granted by especially west that Islamic views are very narrow where as this organization has very successfully convinced that one can enjoy as much liberty as in any other religion but the way may be different. Islam has worked in all fields the same way as many others. This effort of highlighting the purpose with credible work has been recognized and untiring efforts of this organization under its able leadership has finally won the award which it deserved. Congratulations to all members of this ptestigious organization.

  2. Wow! Congratulations to the whole team of Islam and Liberty Network. I am feeling proud of being part of this in the 7th conference in Jakarta.

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