Seminar by Imam Sheikh Dr Usama Hasan

The seminar begins at 14:30 Islam & Liberty Seminar Dar al-Islam, Dar al-kufr, or Dar murakkab: Evolution of fiqh from a binary worldview to lands of citizenship   21st March, Imam Sheikh Dr Usama Hasan visited Malaysia and delivered a seminar at Islam and Liberty Network in Kuala Lumpur. Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh, is often… Continue reading Seminar by Imam Sheikh Dr Usama Hasan

One-Day Seminar in Peshawar

A one-day seminar on Islam and Liberty was held for the students of IM Sciences, Peshawar. It was arranged by ILN alumnus from Pakistan, Fida-Ur-Rahman. The seminar was addressed by Prof. Dr. Tang Shuxian, Institute of Ethnic and Religious Studies, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, China. The session began with a brief introduction… Continue reading One-Day Seminar in Peshawar

Islam and Liberty Summit – Kabul

Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) jointly with Islam & Liberty Network and cooperation of The White Assembly organized a one-day summit under the title of “Islam & Liberty Summit” in 21st of Feb 2019 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The summit covered various topics about the compatibility of Islam with free society values; and the… Continue reading Islam and Liberty Summit – Kabul