Islamic world needs more economic freedom – Admir Cavalic

Economic freedom in the broadest sense means the freedom of the individual to perform certain economic activities. It is a very important term which is primarily used as a method to check whether a particular economic system encourages or blocks economic initiatives and activities. In this regard, under the patronage of Milton Friedman- the Nobel […]

Hijab and Code of Public Sphere for Women in Islam – Sajid Hameed

In a Muslim society, the code of veil provides a basis for a separate sphere of activities for women. Since it demands some kind of segregation, it defines separate spheres for men and women and consequently generates the debate on whether women are allowed to go out of their homes and whether they can work. […]

Why are Muslim majority countries lagging behind – Mohammed Amin

Mohammed Amin Mohammed Amin MBE’s personal and career history and current activities are detailed on the “About Me” page of his personal website He is writing in a personal capacity. In a short article, I can only provide a high-level overview of the key ideas. Expanding on the details, including looking at social attitudes […]

Values & Beliefs – Ismail Kurun

Ismail Kurun Going Beyond Religious Tolerance to Tackle the Roots of Religious Discrimination Islam today is commonly associated more with beliefs (‘aqa’id) than with morals (akhlaq). Contemporary Muslims tend to think that faith is a part of Islam which is somehow more fundamental than morals. Today a Muslim often defines herself or himself as someone […]