The Prayer Must Be Free

Author : Adnan Abbasi is currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree majoring in Social and Political Science from Ahmedabad University. He is a Writing Fellow at Students for Liberty’s Fellowship for Freedom in India.   The origin of human beings in Islam is an interesting story, quite like the ones found in Christianity and Judaism, […]

Religions have a central yet underexplored impact on business & society

Author: Dr. Ali Aslan Gümüsay   Dr. Ali Aslan Gümüsay is Head of Research Group Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society |Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society Researcher|University of Hamburg Faith is a social fact that is underexplored in studies at the intersection of business and society. As it is oftentimes quite contentious, it is almost a […]

Politics in the Pandemic and Information Age

Politics in the Pandemic and Information Age                                                                                                Author: […]

COVID-19 Does Regime Type Matter

COVID-19 Does Regime Type Matter Author: Ali Salman, CEO Islam & Liberty Network The response of public health authorities to the multi-fold crises imposed by COVID-19 has two dimensions. One dimension is the physical handling of suspect and confirmed cases, which includes testing capability, hospital care and implementation of social distancing measures. The second dimension […]

Economics and Challenges of Democratic Debates

Economics and Challenges of Democratic Debates Author:   Dr. Aymen Bouganmi is a researcher and a professor at the Tunisian University. He has published several books, research studies and articles specializing in politics and geo-economics in Arab and foreign newspapers and websites. In a world of regressing democracy, exploding inequalities and unprecedented threats of climate […]