ILN Pakistan Alumni launch Idraak

Report prepared by: Fida ur Rahman. One of the outcomes of the Islam & Liberty Workshop held in November 2020 was an agreement amongst the participants to carry on these discussions with a focus on Pakistan. Over last one and a half years, the attendees have remained engaged virtually through a WhatsApp group “ILN Pakistan […]

6th Conference (Islamabad) Documents :

6th Conference (Islamabad) Documents : 6th International Islam & Liberty Conference – Islamabad, Pakistan – 2018 6th International Islam & Liberty Conference 6th International Islam and Liberty Conference Building Islamic Foundations for Open Markets A Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Stock Prices Performance Evidence from Pakistans Equity Market – Saba Kausar A Critical Review of […]

5th Conference (Kuala Lumpur) Documents :

5th Conference (Kuala Lumpur) Documents : 5th Annual INFoL Conference Papers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2017) 5th Annual INFoL Conference 5th INFoL Conference Agenda Arguing for Rule of Law and Good Governance in Muslim Countries Khalil Ahmad Why KL Summit should be seen as an alternative discourse 5th International Conference, 27 – 28 November 2017, Kuala […]

4th Conference (Marrakech) Documents :

4th Conference (Marrakech) Documents : 4th Annual INFoL Conference 4th International Conference, 18 20 May 2015, Marrakech, Morocco Why free market economy is weak in Islamic world Hicham El Moussaoui