9th Conference papers

The Traditionalist Pushback against the Salafi Drive in Malaysian Islam: The Role of Afifi al-AkitiAhmad Fauzi Abdul HamidClick HereMiddle Level Leaders in Peacebuilding The Case of Post-Conflict Situation in Swat Valley in PakistanTabassum MajeedClick HereUndoing Economic Progress, Unraveling Nation-States.Wardah AlkatiriClick HereSecularism and Fundamentalism: An Examination of the Prospect of Implementation of Sharia in Southwest NigeriaKazeem […]

Papers 3rd conference

Benedikt Koehler – Istanbul Lecture Waqfs Benedikt Koehler – Waqf Bios of Speakers and the Chairman Dženan Smajić – State and community in islam Hasan Yucel Basdemir particular_politic Imperialism Imad ad Dean Ahmad Liberal Democracy and Economic Development in Islamic world… Murat Aktas – THE ARAB UPRISINGS AND DEMOCRACY Mustafa Acar – reason vs tradition […]

Papers 4th conference

Civil Society Institutions in Pre-Islamic Mecca full paper New Islam and Democracy Raza Ullah Pakistan 2105 Zineb-Benalla


Author: Paul Meany Paul Meany is the Interim Director and Editor for Intellectual History at Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org, a project of the Cato Institute. Most of his work focuses on examining thinkers who predate classical liberalism but still articulate broadly liberal attitudes and principles. He is the host of Portraits of Liberty, a podcast about uncovering and […]

Bringing Citizens Back To Power In Tunisia

Bringing Citizens Back To Power In Tunisia The 2nd ILN Tunisia Conference entitled “Bringing Citizens Back To Power In Tunisia ” took place in Tunis on March 18th, 2022. Our objective was to discuss the current crisis in Tunisia and welcome questions from non-Tunisians who are interested in learning more about what is happening in […]

ILN Pakistan Alumni launch Idraak

Report prepared by: Fida ur Rahman.   One of the outcomes of the Islam & Liberty Workshop held in November 2020 was an agreement amongst the participants to carry on these discussions with a focus on Pakistan. Over last one and a half years, the attendees have remained engaged virtually through a WhatsApp group “ILN […]

6th Conference (Islamabad) Documents :

6th Conference (Islamabad) Documents : 6th International Islam & Liberty Conference – Islamabad, Pakistan – 2018 6th International Islam & Liberty Conference 6th International Islam and Liberty Conference Building Islamic Foundations for Open Markets A Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Stock Prices Performance Evidence from Pakistans Equity Market – Saba Kausar A Critical Review of […]