A series of lectures on weekends was arranged by Fida Ur Rahman, Alumni of Islam & Liberty Network, Malaysia for the youth of Zhob (Balochistan). Lecture hall and physical resources were generously provided by the management of Imperial Public Library, Zhob. More than 25 young students and professionals attended the lecture series. 6 lectures were delivered on 3 weekends from 21st November, 2020 to 6th December, 2020 on the following topics: –

  1. Liberty & Islam
  2. Pluralism & Tolerance, Peace, Violence & Non-violence
  3. Democracy & Human Rights (Focus on women rights)

The format of the workshop was interactive and based on critical analysis with reference to Pakistan society. Participants showed great interest in the discussions. The management of Imperial Public Library, Zhob was pleased to continue the lecture series so that more youth can participate in such crucial topics.

Taking inspiration from the lectures, participants celebrated Christmas with the local Christian community of Zhob on 25th December, 2020. The Christian community warmly welcomed the participants. Father Shehzad appreciated the initiative and considered it to be a milestone with reference to achieving the goal of interfaith harmony and fraternity. Officials of Pakistan Peace Council were also present there and they showed great interest in collaboration in such lecture series in future.

Participation certificates were awarded to the participants at the end of the lecture series. The certificate awarding ceremony was held on 27th December, 2020 at main hall of Imperial Public Library, Zhob. Notables, academicians and students were invited to the closing ceremony. The participants pledged that they will convey the learning outcomes to colleagues, family members, friends and university fellows.