Ali Salman (CEO)

Ali Salman is an economist and public policy expert and author of “Islam and Economics: Markets, Morals and Justice” (forthcoming) and “Discord between Social Justice and Economic Freedom in Islam”. He is a founding member and CEO of Islam and Liberty Network Foundation, based out of Malaysia and also heads Malaysian think tank IDEAS. He has held Fulbright scholarship, Royal Netherlands Fellowship and Charles Wallace Fellowship and has master degrees in Economics, Public Policy and Business Administration. He writes regularly for Express Tribune and in various Malaysian newspapers.

Ali Iskandar bin Othman (Communications Associate)

Ali Iskandar is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a graduate from Swinburne University, Melbourne. He is a Filmmaker and a writer with a focus on short stories and films.

Tasnim Idriss (Editorial Associate)

Tasnim is based in Tunis, Tunisia, and works as an English language teacher. She graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Tunis in 2018.  She is also a Masters student in Cross Cultural Studies at the University of Carthage.

Tasnim is the Secretary General of Al-Montada, an NGO founded by Tunisian students to foster the discussion about reforms in the Tunisian higher education. She is also a translator and a winning debater in the Munathara Initiative, an online and television debate initiative. 

Tasnim represented post-Revolution Tunisia through organizing and delivering a leadership conference in Portugal with the Foreign Youth Association in 2014. In the following years, she worked on similar projects in Lebanon, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom as part of the Caux Peace and Leadership Program with the Initiatives of Change Foundation. In 2016, she launched the Initiatives of Change Tunisia branch and was elected as its president.