As observers and participants in the on-going changes in the levels of economic, political and religious freedom especially in the Muslim majority countries, there are several issues which merit our immediate attention. For instance, the challenges to civil freedoms in Pakistan and Turkey and economic and political freedoms in Iran. There are also positive developments, such as democratic stability in Tunisia after Arab Spring; successful democratic transition and economic development in Malaysia and continued democratic strengthening in Indonesia. Furthermore, there are more complex dimensions of change within these countries such as simultaneous political oppression and economic growth in Bangladesh.

To shine a light on these developments in Muslim-majority countries, we publish opinion articles on the platform of Islam & Liberty Network. The purpose is to present comments on political, economic and legal developments in the Muslim majority countries that were related in some way to the principles and values of a free society in these countries and/or with an understanding of Islam. These articles can be re-published on other platforms with acknowledgement of the original publication. The recommended length is 1200 words, with 10% variation on either side. To submit your article or to discuss a potential theme, please write to

Articles are separated into three categories which are: