Project Next Generation

Preparing next generation as champions of Individual Freedom & Free Markets in the Muslim majority countries

Many Muslim majority countries have embraced elements of democracy such as political parties and elections. However, they fail to display the values, ideas and policies which promote individual freedom and free markets. Why are these countries relatively unfree and poor? We argue that the public in these countries do not understand the importance of individual freedom and free markets. A case consistent with Islamic faith can increase the prospects of increasing freedom and prosperity. Over the last 10 years, we have produced more than 100 publications in the form of papers, articles and webinars/podcasts promoting an Islamic case of freedom and have created a small community. This project will leverage and strengthen our network of fellows working in selected countries, who will be equipped to prepare educational modules and public outreach material based on our research. We will prepare five courses, deliver 200 plus lectures, reaching directly at least 20,000 individuals and ten million people using social and mainstream media. We will inspire at least 5 universities to adopt our modules and our audience to show their increasing support for an Islamic case for individual freedom and free markets. Thus, the outcome will be a wider academic and public recognition of our cause.

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