Regional Leadership Development Seminar

Create. Network. Lead

How do we constructively engage and implement effective leadership strategies that change how we influence others?  How do we ensure our voices, our messaging and the issues we advance are understood, within the cultural context of those we wish to connect and increase the chances our objectives are reached?  How do we integrate information about our issue, statistical data and important events to multiply the impact of our leadership?

The Regional Leadership Development Seminar brings together leading international academics and practitioners with a diversity of backgrounds, experienced in leadership strategies that connects with stakeholders through effective methods.  This week long program is designed to develop individuals and groups to think critically about their leadership skills and develop winning strategies and messaging, to more capably reach their target audience.  The seminar is sponsored by the Islam and Liberty Network, a leading regional think tank comprised of a team of international academics from Muslim countries dedicated to enabling regional leaders by improving their capabilities and understanding of universal values that contribute to liberty and tolerance.  This program, conducted semi-annually, brings together participants from the region, with similar backgrounds and interests to share experiences, network and grow together.

Create Your Leadership Strategy.  Network with Like-Minded Leaders.  Communicate Your Ideas.

Every hour you spend immersed in this program will broaden your understanding of the challenges and opportunities you might encounter in your workplace.  But most importantly, the program will improve your ability to lead and take decisive action.  The program’s agenda is designed to balance instruction from diverse educators and practitioners, network with your peers and for you to complete a strategic communications plan that consolidates the lessons discussed throughout the week.  You will leave with the confidence to achieve the following:

      • Clearly define your priorities and identify the stakeholders you must reach to achieve them
      • Use social media and a diverse range of communication tools to reach stakeholders
      • Identify opportunities to maximize statistical data, information and events to communicate with impact
      • Improve your digital hygiene to protect information that is proprietary to you and your organization
      • Write your own strategic leadership plan that brings together each lesson and clarifies your strategy for action

Graduates will receive a certificate in effective leadership for their participation and successful completion of a strategic leadership plan. Graduation is only the beginning.  Once the program concludes, the instructional team is available to support you through your challenges, evaluate your progress and help you achieve the strategic leadership plan you developed during the seminar.

Apply and Change the Way You Lead.

Program admissions are conducted on a rolling basis and interested individuals are required to complete admissions questions sent separately.  Details regarding the communications plan, travel and lodging will be provided to admitted participants.  Exceptional applicants will receive scholarships to cover their travel costs.