10th Conference (Kuala Lumpur)

10th International Islam & Liberty Conference

Peace and Prosperity in Muslim Majority Countries and Beyond

5th-6th September 2023, Kuala Lumpur


Within most of the Muslim-majority societies today, the very notion of liberty seems to trigger the image of immorality and impiety. Not for us. We consider liberty as a political philosophy where individual freedom is manifested in economics, politics and religion. This individual freedom isorganized by social norms and faith laws which are common pillars of public life. Within these constrains, democratic societies which offer citizens a choice to elect their governments, free markets which allows private enterprises to flourish and religious institutions which allow freedom of belief are consistent with the Islamic vision of a collective life. The propagation of these ideas is the raison d’être of Islam and Liberty Network. Our annual international conference has evolved into a forum for producing and exchanging these ideas.

Islam and Liberty Network has chosen “Peace and Prosperity” as the over-arching theme of the 10th conference. We are holding this conference in Malaysia which offers a shining example for the Muslim-majority nation-states, as a peaceful, inclusive, and economically well-developed country. This conference will feature 24 important presentations from our scholars and fellows from various Muslim majority countries on democracy, civil society, economic freedom, peace, development, and inclusion. Hopefully, these presentations will offer a constructive alternative to the pre-dominant narrative of authoritarianism, exclusion, and economic populism.  

The conference has five broad objectives:

1. Present arguments supporting ideas and institutions for religious, political, and economic freedom within the contours of the Islamic faith.
2. Provide an opportunity to researchers and academics to assess the current and historical obstacles to peace and prosperity in Muslim majority countries.
3. Highlight governance challenges faced by political and economic systems especially in Muslim majority countries.
4. Present roadmaps and policy recommendations to the leadership in Malaysia and other Muslim majority countries.
5. Provide networking and collaborative opportunities for scholars, researchers and think tanks.

The conference features keynote addresses and panel discussions, which will be chaired by prominent Malaysian intellectuals. It will be attended by around 150 delegates who will gather for two full days. The conference will also be broadcast through social media to maximize attendance and participation globally.  The conference will be organized by the Islam and Liberty Network Foundation with the support of the Atlas Network, the Network for a Free Society, and Amanie Advisors in collaboration with Emir Research and LEAD.