10th Conference (Kuala Lumpur)

10th International Islam & Liberty Conference

Peace and Prosperity in Muslim Majority Countries and Beyond

5th-6th September 2023, Kuala Lumpur

We successfully organized our 10th International conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 5th-6th September 2023 with 144 delegates, including 20 international speakers in attendance.

We had two packed days with exciting presentations and discussions on critical issues on the intersection of Islam and liberty, particularly in the context of Muslim majority societies with implications for peace and prosperity. Malaysian foreign minister Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir recorded a speech to inaugurate the conference, whereas the Deputy Foreign Minister came to inaugurate the conference in person.

We had de-briefing sessions with the Chairman of Malaysian Senate and Speaker of Malaysian House of Representatives after the conference. Mainstream Malaysian TV channel Astro Awani recorded a special session on the sidelines of the conference whereas sections of Malaysian media reported on various sessions of the conference.

This conference serves as an important milestone in our history and we are now pleased to share its contents, papers, presentations and videos with everyone. We are grateful to our sponsors – Atlas Network, Network for a Free Society and Amanie Advisors-, as well as our partners – Emir Research and LEAD – for their support.